MilkyWay Exchange is a new one of a kind decentralised trading platform offering a unique vested farming reward system that allows a high APR on staking and ensures the sustainability of the economy. The platform is focused on bringing real value to the community and turning into a true DAO.

Total presale cap

0 BUSD / 112,500 BUSD

Presale concluded

Min: 25 BUSD, Max: 500 BUSD
Max buy increases by 500 BUSD every 15 minutes

Contract address

Total BUSD deposited: 0 BUSD
Amount of MILKY you will receive: 0 MILKY
1 MILKY = 0.0045 BUSD

You tokens will be airdropped once presale ends!

Total deposited: 0 BUSD
Airdrop amount: 0 MILKY